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Mooring Minute: Adding Perspective​ To The 5P’s!

Published on April 11, 2019 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

Mooring Minute: adding prospective to the 5P’s!

As I have said. “Proper planning prevents poor performance”, but patients provides the space to form a proper prospective allowing you the time to make effective decisions on and off the racecourse. 

Every event begins with a dream plan or goal, which leads to preparation. There is a proper way to plan and then there are those who just show up, there are those those who never stop planning and then there are those who just go thru the motions, which leads to poor performance and less than ideal race scores. Some will jump to another class hoping, for a better score but in reality without the hard work, the same scores will persist. As our race scores are transparent for all to see, we either have our name above all names or we don’t! This is where patients provides the proper perspective. Understanding that achievement is an incremental thing – it requires practice determination and the ability to stretch yourself beyond your limiting beliefs. Shortcuts lead to heartache, disaster disappointment and damage to people and equipment, as without the hard work and preparation you are open and prone for good things to go wrong!

So remember proper planning prevents poor performance but patients provides the proper perspective to good things right! 

So untie the ties which are holding you back and head out and build your legacy!

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