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Moorig ​Minute: The Unforced Rhythm Of Grace!

Published on April 18, 2019 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

The Unforced rhythm of grace is a terrific holiday message, it reminds us all to find grace in all we do; from the moment we step on a boat, till we leave the club; to the drive home; to all that we choose to do every day.

We have all felt it, the perfect race when all to goes perfectly, when we feel every puff or shift of the wind or change in the current or its velocity; magically we lead the fleet and that first shift magically finds us, we are connected and everything goes as planned.

Conversely, we each have seen races slip from our grasp, we become disconnected, we forget how to sail, we manage to do everything the hard way, we start to force every crossing and every tactical situation becomes troublesome. It’s at this point we become double minded and full of self doubt, we commence second guessing every decision or the decisions of our crew, our senses, feelings and the words we chose become tense, short, and we stop having fun!

The key in all we do is to be full of grace, to believe in your inner self, to know that between action and reaction that we all have a choice; do we choose the higher path or do we chose the path of self doubt and the cycle of poor choice?

The goal of the game of sailing is to stick to a plan; to follow thru, to have fun; to connect with the wind, current and since of fair competition!

Sailing can teach us much, there’s many similarities with sailing and religion – the message presented by both is the power of believing. The power of listening to your heart and believing in your instincts, as when we are formed, our hearts are created before our mind is developed, our hearts beat with an inner mind a since of grace, and when we follow our heart, it will always be right! To be successful, we all need to be reminded of the power of grace, to pause at each crossing, to relax and to listen to our inner selves, to have fun; to smile often and put everything in its proper perspective, to play it forward and help others find their way, to be grateful and embrace the feeling of and the power of the un forced rhythm of grace.

So untie the ties which are holding you back and head out and build your legacy.

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