The Mooring Minute

Moorig ​Minute: The Unforced Rhythm Of Grace!

The Unforced rhythm of grace is a terrific holiday message, it reminds us all to find grace in all we do; from the moment we step on a boat, till we leave the club; to the drive home; to all that we choose to do every day.

Walter Johnson • April 18, 2019

Mooring Minute: Adding Perspective​ To The 5P’s!

Mooring Minute: adding prospective to the 5P’s! As I have said. “Proper planning prevents poor performance”, but patients provides the space to form a proper prospective allowing you the time to make effective decisions on and off the racecourse.  Every event begins with a dream plan or goal, which leads to preparation. There is a […]

Walter Johnson • April 11, 2019

Mooring Minute: Demand More!

Mooring Minute: Demand More! Hero’s all come from the same place, they are a product of ordinary people who are put in extraordinary circumstances and they chose to stand up and take action.  It’s the action taken under extraordinary circumstances which turns them into they people they become! To be a Hero we must demand […]

Walter Johnson • April 4, 2019

The Mooring Minute: Building Strength thru Being A Mentor

Mooring Minute: Building strength thru being a mentor  A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of us to show us how they did it and talk about past successes. A mentor walks alongside us to show us what we can do and how we can achieve more then we ever imagined.  Boating allows one […]

Walter Johnson • March 28, 2019

Mooring Minute – Never Break The Chain!

Mooring Minute – Never Break The Chain! To achieve your dream takes hard work and determination. They say climbing the mountain of success is a journey of a 1000 steps!  Each step offers an opportunity to move the needle, its the discipline of executing good habits, of doing the hard work over and over again […]

Walter Johnson • March 21, 2019

Mooring Minute: Boating Celebrates Innovation

Mooring Minute : Boating Celebrates Innovation  To be innovative, we can’t look to what others have done. The whole idea of blazing a path is that there was no path there before. I’ll admit I’m a student of the game. I love watching and learning. I love following the great sailing classes and being open […]

Walter Johnson • March 14, 2019

Mooring Minute: Perseverance

Mooring Minute ~ Perseverance  This weekend was a reminder of the power of perseverance. We prepped for a month for the Harbor 20 Class Champs and within seconds after the first staring signal, in 18 knots of wind, we were hit by two boats who were returning from being over early. One hit us in […]

Walter Johnson • March 7, 2019

Boating Is Transformative!

Boating is Transformative as kindness produces winners.

Walter Johnson • February 21, 2019

Mooring Minute: The Power Of Being Busy!

Mooring Minute: The Power Of Being Busy! When you are busy everything is right!  When you are busy, you don’t have time to complain about how life can sometimes be unfair. When you are busy, you can show the world what makes you unique and amazing.  Nothing provides a better way to be busy then boating, boating provides […]

Walter Johnson • February 14, 2019

Mooring Minute:You Have To Act In Order To Achieve!

Mooring Minute: You Have To Act In Order to Achieve!  No one is superior, no one is inferior, no one is equal either. Everyone is uniquely capable and able, the only thinking limiting them is their desire.  Their desire to improve, their willingness to succeed and to push thru each circumstance with grace and confidence. […]

Walter Johnson • February 7, 2019

Mooring Minute: The Power Of They

Mooring Minute: The Power Of They  As in life as in Sailing, they are everywhere doing everything. They did this, they got that, they made this executive decision, they got in my way, they took this, they took that, they just don’t like me, they decided so and so is going to be the guy. […]

Walter Johnson • January 31, 2019

Mooring Minute: Improve!

Mooring Minute: Improve! They say, our best competitors reveal our weaknesses! This is what makes sailboat racing so special. We can always improve our game by choosing to sail against better people. To leap from the small pond to a bigger pond.  We are each a sum of our experiences and nothing teaches you more than […]

Walter Johnson • January 24, 2019