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The Mooring Minute – Challenge to go Big!

Published on December 12, 2017 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

The Mooring Minute – Challenge to go Big!

As the season ends and a new season begins, what goals are you setting for next season?
To show up or to go Big!
I always work to set my calendar and to set new goals for the season ahead; such as, to never do worse than “place” in an event, to work to re-qualify for the A fleet each time I head out to Race. It’s a good goal, it gets me to focus on each event as though each is game 7 of the World Series!

I believe that we are each designed to do great things. And when we aren’t pushed we will do the minimum needed. So to do great things, we must always challenge ourselves to do more, to set a higher expectation, to reach for the stars, as we all enjoy things better when we have a reason to go do it.
So the next time you are planning to head out, set your sights higher, set a bigger goal, go beyond what is good or acceptable, inspire your inner greatness, as the joy is in the journey.

So untie the ties holding you back and head out and enjoy your day.

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