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Mooring Minute: Practice Makes Perfect!

Published on November 21, 2018 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

Mooring Minute: Practice Makes Perfect! 

It’s been said that every day you miss practice, means it’s going to take you a day longer to get Good!

What if you can’t practice? I say spend that time to manifest and to visualize, to look at situations and review your response. To hone your decision-making skills and to develop your own unique playbook.
Sailing is one of those sports where we don’t practice enough, and when we do, we don’t practice hard enough. To practice right, you need to fail and work to push thru the issue to find the right result. But we don’t, we don’t want to hurt the gear, people or the boat, but in a tight leeward mark rounding, well we may just do the same.

I say if you haven’t practiced it why do it because your odds of things not going as planned go up with the level of stress! I don’t know how many leeward marks I sailed by, because my bow team was not ready. I learned early, in PHRF racing, it was better to give up thirty seconds and do it right then minutes limping with the kite shrimped around the keel, with people’s feelings get hurt and worst yet the boat broke.
So when you are getting ready for an event, spend your idle time and focus on what’s right and possible. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.

Develop a playbook.  As Sailing is about solving the puzzle, then repeating it until something changes. So spend this idle time before the season starts all over again and make a mental list of all your accomplishments, be in grace and seek to sail with grace, to focus forward as success bread’s success.

So untie the ties which are holding you back and head out and build your legacy one race at a time!

By Walter Johnson

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