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Mooring Minute: Perseverance

Published on March 7, 2019 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

Mooring Minute ~ Perseverance 

This weekend was a reminder of the power of perseverance. We prepped for a month for the Harbor 20 Class Champs and within seconds after the first staring signal, in 18 knots of wind, we were hit by two boats who were returning from being over early. One hit us in such a way that he parted our stainless steel backstay. The other tried to gybe inside of us resulting in one of the more violent collisions I’ve been in. 

We were disabled and unable to proceed. Most would throw their hand up and spend the weekend watching from the sidelines. But you can’t quit because it’s hard or difficult! As difficult as it is when the fun starts. Hard is when the test of who you are begins, it separates those who can vs. those who can’t! Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it tedious, sometimes it seems like the everyone is against you! It’s when things are tough that the tough get going! To find a way to stand up and preserve, as if it was easy everyone would do it. We were fortunate the builder was able to open up on a Saturday and bring us a replacement part. We were able to persevere in our protest hearing and were granted redress so we were back in the game. 

Quitting is easy, but standing up to the challenge and doing the hard work is what often is required to separate from the herd!

So when it’s hard and all seems lost, this is when the tough keep going because sometimes it sucks, it’s mentally tiring,  it’s un-fun, but hard is where memories are made!!