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Mooring Minute: Everything Depreciates Unless It’s Appreciated!

Published on December 20, 2018 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

Everything Depreciates Unless It’s Appreciated By Someone! 

It doesn’t matter if its a boat, plane, yacht club or real estate, everything depreciates unless it is appreciated by someone or some group. Appreciation creates demand, as appreciation is a feeling, It has to feel right, you see value in it, you have to desire to belong, you have to feel for you to want it or demand it. Demand creates value. The more the masses require something, the higher the cost will be. People appreciate new boats more than old boats, except for those old classics which are highly valued by the mind’s eye. 

I have seen many a sailing class evaporate, because peoples values changed and they lost their appreciation for what the class did, for the times shared, and the life’s lessons learned. 

I believe, everything beings and ends with people and the value we each place on the other and the things we desire!

I have learned that if a group keep saying things are going to be bad, and says it enough till it becomes the mutual feeling, then each has a chance of being a prophet as what you do and say will become a reality. 

The flipping point is culture, once the culture changes from being desired to not being wanted, the item goes from being appreciated and follows a natural course of being depreciated.  This stands strong for everything, people, places and things; boats, real estate, products, and business, we are all wearing out, and we will all need to be upgraded and or replaced. The value is with the culture if it is appreciated, a willing participant will place a value on it, and the item will perpetuate. I have learned that culture is strong when people work with each other and for each other, to build, rebuild to repeat and procure your replacement. To create demand to perpetuate the cycle. A culture is weak when people work against each other or for themselves. Buy not building others, building their replacement and continuing the tradition by appreciating the very thing they love.

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