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Mooring Minute: Boating With Purpose!

Published on January 18, 2019 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

Mooring Minute: Boating With Purpose!

Most of us live out each leg, each race by accident, that we race and each crossing just happens. We just try to do our best to manage and survive to keep our wits about us in the midst of all the chaos.

Success comes when we sail each leg and each race with a purpose. I learned this lesson over and over again until I accepted that I could control the outcome. That each venue as a set of unique circumstances which define the game, the current comes from X and there is always a persistent shift to the right. There is always a lift here. The dinner cruise boats always try to cross the channel at 2:45  to make it for the next booking. So plan ahead and sail with purpose. You should always have an idea of what the current and wind are going to do throughout the day so you can plan and navigate with the plan. You should have read the notice of race and sailing instructions just so you can sail with a purpose. Sailing allows us to do remarkable things, and how well we do is often based on how well the skipper and crew can gel and pull together as a team, but most of all how the team attacks each maneuver knowing their role as they are boating with a purpose!

So head out and build your legacy one leg one race at a time. 

The Mooring Minute.

By Walter Johnson

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