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Great Endeavors

Published on May 2, 2017 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute


Great Endeavors

Every great endeavor begins with a dream!

The dream is crafted, designed and refined, it becomes a plan, it is drawn, approved and constructed, until the original idea becomes a more perfect version of what the creator had in his minds eye.

We are all a work in progress, we each were designed to do great things. And through each endeavor we are defined by our experience.

We are all buffered by outside influences, in sailing it is being over early, having your best friend tack on you, in the real world it’s, recessions, corporate failures, or people letting you down, but through it all, it’s your personal journey and obligation to preserve, to rise up and use your god given talent to execute your why, to be the exception.

Just as in sailing, the wind and current is constantly changing; so you get that perfect start but you can’t make that first cross, so you tack vs duck, and now you are bounced into a series of reactions vs executing your plan. So you arrive deep at the weather mark only to you that team who took your spot is now in first, they are around the mark and enjoying clean air and a free pass!

It’s Ok; what was lost on the first leg can be made up on the next, so focus forward and sail fast, don’t give up, and Stick to your plan!

Everything we do we script, we are constantly writing editing and reacting to our scrip, our well crafted plan. It’s human nature to reverse the outcome, to focus on the negative, the what if and for me it was the F-me.

But I have learned, that if you change the script, you can indeed change the outcome! Remain true to your plan, preserve, and focus forward as the race is not done until you are finished!

The best thing about boating are the stories we each get to live to tell, the moments of peril which make each story come alive. The best is each story has a happy ending as we each are alive to tell it and share it.

So untie the ties holding you back, shove off and live your dream, as the only thing holding you back is you! As each moment is the first step to what could be a great endeavor!