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Boating Is Transformative!

Published on February 21, 2019 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

Boating is Transformative!

Where else does one generation show so much kindness to another? Where else does a member of the team steps up and out of their comfort zone in the pursuit of excellence? Boating develops and supports Kindness as kindness produces winners. The journey of a successful crew is to see a need, to feel compassion, so to take action; to climb that mast during a storm, to retrieve that lost halyard, so the team and press on.

As kindness triggers kindness! As boaters, we go out and intentionally enhance the life of our fellow boaters, to show them the better way because we love what we do, as what we do has made us each better for the simple act of doing! And that act not only transforms us but each person and each generation who steps up and becomes better because boating is transformational. It’s about giving back sharing your wisdom, of seeing a need, to feel compassion for your fellow boaters and stepping up and taking action!

So untie the ties which are holding you back and head out and. Hold your legacy!

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As boating is Transformational