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Mooring Minute:You Have To Act In Order To Achieve!

Published on February 7, 2019 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

Mooring Minute: You Have To Act In Order to Achieve! 

No one is superior, no one is inferior, no one is equal either. Everyone is uniquely capable and able, the only thinking limiting them is their desire. 

Their desire to improve, their willingness to succeed and to push thru each circumstance with grace and confidence.  What we appreciate, is elevated the more we want it, the more value we place on it, the more we will desire for it to be. As I have said, “Everything depreciates unless it is appreciated”. 

We have to really want something for us to not place a limited belief in it, to act boldly without fear.  The difference between goals and achievement is action, the action happens when we set more value on the act then everything else, we just do it!

We are all capable of doing great things, to head out and achieve worthy goals, and we are equally capable of sitting at the bar and making up equally powerful excuses and stories of why not to do something or why that class or championship is not worth the effort. 

You have to act, you have to forge ahead in order to achieve!

So untie the ties which are holding you back and head out and build your legacy.

The Mooring Minute 

By Walter Johnson

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