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Mooring Minute: Upgrade To Find Perfection!

Published on January 10, 2019 by Walter Johnson • In The Mooring Minute

Its the start of a new year and as I looked at my phone and it said it was time to upgrade my iPhone’s iOS, internal operating system. It said the update came with “bug fixes,” “corrections,” “faster services” and “other changes.”

It got me thinking, My phone is continuously growing and improving itself when was the last time any of us had an OS update? We all need “bug fixes,” “corrections,” “faster services” and “other changes.”

Sometimes we need an iterative update. In the tech-speak that is the number that goes after the period, as in version 2.1. This is where small fixes, improvements, and adjustments are made.

Other times you might need a whole new release. This is when you go from 9.1 to 10.0. This is when there are significant jumps in functionality, framework and interfacing systems. And then, if you want to stay competitive and relevant, you may need to change out your entire OS system,

This came to mind for me this past weekend when things like a bad start, getting stuck on the wrong side of the course, when a big left Veer blew thru or finding myself getting frustrated as I sailed thru the C fleet, only to discover that I lost more boats, meaning that I needed to upgrade my operating system. To sit back, to relax, to enjoy the moment, to find grace and take the time review, manage and decided that I needed to do to update my operating system. It was time for some faster service and bug fixes!

If you want to compete well and make it to the next level, you need to be continually learning, evaluating and upgrading and improving, as to remain the same, means you are not growing and will soon face the reality of change and find yourself not finishing where you know you should, or could be!

So head out and untie the ties which are holding you back and head out and build your legacy, one race, one leg, one day at a time!

The Mooring Minute

By Walter Johnson

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