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“Success and Failure”

Everything in life is about balance – balance on the boat, the balance of life – it’s all the same, as you can’t have success without failure.  In the center of everything is the pendulum of life; on one side is failure, defeat and sadness and on the other you have success, acceptance and happiness; […]

Walter Johnson • February 28, 2017 in The Mooring Minute

OS update!

My iPhone’s iOS, internal operating system, updated recently. It said the update came with “bug fixes”, “corrections”, “faster services” and “other changes” It got me thinking, My phone is constantly growing and improving itself, when was the last time any of us had an OS update? We all need “bug fixes”, “corrections”, “faster services” and […]

Walter Johnson • February 21, 2017 in The Mooring Minute

Limiting Language

In the movie “Creed” Rocky pointed to the mirror and said your biggest challenger is the person right in front of you! We all have an endless loop of self-limiting language running in the background of our lives.

Walter Johnson • February 17, 2017 in Nautical Library


Happy Valentine’s Day to all , today’s post is about Accomplishment: We all like to see evidence of our accomplishments! … Nothing says accomplishment better then an array of trophies on the mantle or many sea stories to share. We all like to make lists and check things off. The mere act of checking items […]

Walter Johnson • February 14, 2017 in The Mooring Minute

Speed Breeds Brilliance!

This past weekend in the light conditions of the Lorin Weiss regatta; we were sailing Patches with a loose rig and lots of jibstay sag. We had no tension on the lowers, we had them set so when sailing upwind with the sails trimmed and sighting up the mast we had about a 1/2 column […]

Walter Johnson • February 7, 2017 in Blog


Who do you admire and who do you hang out with the most! Are they the same, or do you admire pearls but find yourself with barnacles? Sailing begins and ends with people, as without participants you don’t have a regatta and at a regatta, you have a choice and opportunity to hang with those […]

Walter Johnson • February 7, 2017 in The Mooring Minute

How To Buy A Boat

So let’s talk about what it takes to, decide, negotiate, purchase, deliver and maintain your next dreamboat. First, buying a boat is fulfilling a dream, making a decision to cast of the bowline and explore the world.

Walter Johnson • February 3, 2017 in Nautical Library

Finding Success in 2017!

The Three Keys to success are Knowledge, Strategy and Execution! Master these and you can master anything as long as there is enough velocity to make your activity worth while. In sailing, you can be the best in the world but if there is no wind, you can’t showcase what you know; your plan for […]

Walter Johnson • January 24, 2017 in The Mooring Minute

Here is the latest from – Hatteras!

The new Hatteras 90 Motor Yacht is getting closer to completion…. Here are the latest pictures of it on the line at the factory in New Bern.

Walter Johnson • January 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

The Harbor 20 Class is the home of the Harbor 20 Fleet and as current local A Fleet sailor, Walter Johnson will be providing his insight into the class, the boats and how to sail them to win. The Harbor 20 is a fantastic and highly responsive boat that has quickly become the preferred day sailor in harbors world […]

Walter Johnson • January 7, 2017 in Uncategorized